Mehdi Oudjida, Consultant analytics freelance


bar chart

A bar chart in Looker Studio allows users to visually compare data across different categories or groups, making it easier to spot trends and differences. LS provides several customizable features like changing the orientation of bars (horizontal or vertical), adjusting the size and spacing between bars, and configuring color with the design of the report and the values of the used dimensions.

And now, what about some examples with advanced usages of bar charts :)

Custom reports

Google Data Studio chart highlighter

Conditional formatting is typically a very good automatic highlight system for dashboards to read fast and see what it is the more important. On the other hand, Google Data Studio can be also used for manual reports and data viz…

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Google Data Studio – Pictures slider

The 22th of October, Google Data Studio team added the option to create table chart with one row per page (the previous minimum number of rows was 5). This was a small but expected feature option that allow users, as…

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