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Archive your Google Analytics Universal data but don’t dig too deeply

Google Analytics Universal Backup

Archived data from Google Analytics Universal…don’t dig to deeply

As any Google Analytics practitioner, you made some archives of GA Universal data and are ready for the full sunset planed in 2 weeks. But you know that some doors need to be closed.

So please, I share you this report as a tribute of the sunset of GAU, but whatever happens, DO NOT load the data of Year 2019. Can I trust you? Don’t open this door. Play with this report, but not 2019, it was a bad idea…please…


  • Exported Google Analytics Universal data from the demo account, stored in a BigQuery table
  • Scatter & Time series charts
  • Table for dynamic picture loading
  • A parameter, some static texts and conditional formatting for text colors
  • Midjourney and Photoshop for some pictures