Google Data Studio – Filter by email address overview & creative usage for report personalization

Yesterday, Google Data Studio team has launched a new feature for any organisation with data governance and related access management: Each data row of your data source can now be filterable by email address of the report viewer, considering that the email address is stored or calculated in the data source through a field.

As explained in the official documentation, this new feature provides “row-level security” to the data. The signed-in viewer must give the consent to pass their email address to the data source to access to his attributed data.

Technically, you just need to turn on the feature, pointing the field of your data source corresponding to the mail address. Then, each chart using this data source will automatically use the email address of the signed-in user Google account as a filter: Filter by email address.

Google Data Studio - Filter by email address for data restriction and report personalization

Basic demo of the feature

Let’s see with this example in action, how to configure a filter by email address inside Google Analytics data source.

Let’s imagine that you collect data for several countries websites in the same property and view (roll-up property by tracking as example), but you wish to provide access to statistics of each website to specific Data Studio users.

Let’s see these steps in action with the video below. To configure filter by email address, we need to:

  • Create a calculated field “email address” converting hostnames or websites names to the right email addresses of Google account users, inside Google Analytics data source.
    For testing purposes, you should include your email address for one of the websites
  • Activate “filter by email” feature using the new calculated field
  • Tada! Your existing chart now displays only your attributed website

Report personalization

Data access and security are an important part of governance. In addition, roles attributed to each actor of a digital team are also relevant for data governance in action (especially for operational profiles), helping to improve productivity (focusing) and analytics maturity (applying methods).

So, let’s also use this new feature for these kinds of purposes: Personalize report pages with custom elements following the signed-in Data Studio report viewer:

  • Team: UX, Analytics, Ads, SEO…
  • Activities he needs to focus on, regarding his responsibilities & skills (landing, engagement signals, CTR, cost / conversion, content and keywords, conversions attribution…)
  • Specify pages containing elements dedicated to his activities
  • Frequency to review the report following and the related todo list
  • Avatar or team picture for fun

To do it, we just need to create a Google Sheet containing a column for each listed information above, in addition to user email address, and of course, one row by user with custom values. If several users gets the same roles, we can duplicate row and apply it to each email address.

Google Data Studio - Filter by email address - Google Sheet for roles

Then, as made for data rows, you define the mail address field for user filtering purpose ; and you build a custom comment area with one-row table charts, so personalized for each user with custom contents and guide lines. 🤗

In the video below, I put the personalized elements at the bottom of the page.


Official documentation

The right data, the personalized advices of activities, inside a unique report…