Google Data Studio – Conditional formatting

Conditional formatting is the capacity to change styles and data formats following a set of defined rules about manipulated data. It is a feature commonly available inside Spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets…) and data visualisation softwares (Tableau software, Power BI…).

The 24th of October 2019, Google Data Studio team has launched conditional formatting inside our data viz software. This new feature was highly anticipated and the first version is very promising.

Google Data Studio - Conditional formatting
Google Data Studio – Conditional formatting


Conditional formatting is available for the following charts for the moment:

  • Scorecards
  • Tables


You can change the format – colors of text and background – following conditions based on chart data.

For the moment, These conditions can be created only with displayed metrics and dimensions, but not with optional metrics.

For each chart, several rules can be defined and triggered by list order, with differential style overriding.

Only one condition is possible by rule and conditional formats can be applied to cell or entire row.


So now, let’s make an overview of conditional formatting through a small Youtube video.